Sam Boon

saxophonist arranger & composer

Morin khuur, concept/photography: Catherine Pleteshner Saxophone, sound design/audio engineer:Sam Boon
Recorded in Melbourne (Australia): 17 December 2013
PhotoLocation: Main entrance to Amarbayasgalant Khiiid, Selenge Aimag Mongolia 
PhotoDate: mid-afternoon 26 August 2004
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An original composition featuring group improvisation based on timbre and texture. The recording was done live without any overdubs, the effects being created by Diego Villalta with electric guitar and pedals and with Jacob McGuffie on nylon string. Recorded at VCA 2009 Special thanks to my grandmother Maurine Grosse for use of her artwork

Guy & band performing one of his older classis at Sydney Entertainment Centre on his Madness Tour.